Innovation + Plus One?

If we operate from the perspective that “true” innovation is something that is new “in the world” and has a significant impact, then it’s fair to say that most of us as individuals are not likely to reach what is a very high bar. That is just the realist in me talking, I’m not suggesting we should sulk away, giving up on any hope of being creative or coming up something new. Holding that goal in our eye is only likely to make us more successful rather than less (in my opinion). So, if alone we are not likely to meet that rather high bar, what are we to do (by the way, someone will, and if you don’t try, it won’t be you)? One of the first things we can do is look at organizations or people who have met that bar, and perhaps even seek their opinions and thoughts. Continue reading “Innovation + Plus One?”

Virtual Construction

It’s often tough to get the right people on the MEP project team when it comes to BIM. We’re all used to the typical Engineer, Designer, Drafter lineup but teams often neglect to consider design technology expertise.

It’s generally expected that drafters are the ones with modeling experience. They already know CAD… now teach them BIM and we’re good to go. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. It’s critical that members of the project team at all levels are well versed in BIM and have at least a minimum level of design knowledge.

Often (too often) I hear Engineers and Designers complain about not knowing what’s in the model. If a client calls with a question or concern, they open the model (or have a Drafter do it for them) and try to figure out what’s there and whether it needs to be fixed. Continue reading “Virtual Construction”

Schooling Your Staff

We’ve touched on BIM training for Project managers and so it makes sense to touch on the far more common training of production staff. Training is a topic that many design technology leaders manage and even grapple with at times. Constant, involved, best managed in-house for some reasons and outsourced for others. Assessing a firm’s current state of BIM expertise and addressing problem areas is critical. Continue reading “Schooling Your Staff”


I’m in the midst of reading Wait, by Frank Partnoy, thinking of the treasure trove of ideas for blog posts. While I’ll have to take the author’s advice and hold off on many of them for now, I would like to highlight one: Clock Time vs Event Time, and how it relates to a recent article by Tim Williams, entitled “An Obituary for the Billable Hour”.

Logically enough, Clock Time organizes behavior based on the amount of time it takes to do something, while Event Time organizes it based on completion of a project (or ‘event’). Continue reading “Time”

DTS New Year, New Faces, New Changes

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but it certainly feels like 2016 flew by! It’s hard to believe that it was nearly six months ago that we were in sunny “mildly warm” Scottsdale! This means of course that DTS 2017 is only about six months away in humid (and likely warm) Toronto (if you think that by going north of the border you are going to escape summer heat, think again, Toronto can get pretty warm and muggy in the summer thanks to that giant lake next to it).

So, what’s new and happening with the Design Technology Summit you ask? Continue reading “DTS New Year, New Faces, New Changes”